Gamp - A Gnome Audio Player


Gamp is my attempt to make a Gnome2 audio player using gstreamer and other Gnome technologies.
It is a quick and easy to use audio player, with an interface much like Winamp or XMMS.


05/16/04 - Released v0.4
* Add DnD support for main window and playlist, drop files onto them to load them
* Better error handling support for Gstreamer problems
* Removed the seperate Playlist window, the playlist is now at the bottom of the window
* Other stuff that I forget about right now...

04/05/04 - Released v0.3
This release requires GStreamer v0.8 and GTK+ V2.4
* Retrieve file metadata via GStreamer
* Display actual metadata in playlist and UI
* Better .pls file parsing
* Column widths in playlist are better sized
* Display song duration in playlist
* Use GtkFileChooser
* Cleaned up dist file

11/10/03 - Released v0.2
* Previous/Next buttons now work.
* Playlist will advance to the next song when current song is done.
* Cleaned up the display of the file in the playlist, and in the "Currently Playing" area.


Screenshot of main Gamp main window


v0.4 gamp-0.4.tar.gz
v0.3 gamp-0.3.tar.gz
v0.2 gamp-0.2.tar.gz
v0.01 gamp-0.01.tar.gz Logo

Mason Kidd - mrkidd at mrkidd dot com